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The Cottone Co., Real Estate
176 Woodcliff Road, Newton Highlands, MA 02461
MA License Number: 97527-BR

Thank you for taking the time to read about my real estate expertise and background.   I've felt an intense interest in architecture and real estate ever since I was a child, believing that I would pursue a career in architecture.  Personal circumstances concerning my parents' health lead me in another, related direction.  As a result, I pursued a part-time college education after high school, while overseeing my parents' frail health, venturing into business adminstration.  Concurrently, I obtained my real estate broker's license at age 22, working in that field while completing my undergraduate degree. I continued on to graduate school in real estate and urban development, believing that I might be involved with the construction of new buildings and communities.  I quickly learned that most corporate real estate development positions would be located in the southern/western US.  Given that my parents were still in need of care, I decided to remain in the area, looking locally into in my field of study.  I landed a position in a real estate development company that specialized in the construction of affordable housing.  Ultimately, I realized that I am somewhat of  maverick relative to working in the corporate world, preferring to work for myself.  This proved difficult at first, until I came to the realization that my initial love of architecture and real estate could be harnessed in residential real estate.
More to come...