Thank you very much for helping us through this long and complicated process. You have kept us out of some really bad situations, and we really appreciate it.


J.O. and P.S., Southborough, MA


Paul is an exceptional agent. I have worked with him for a long time, and his understanding of the market and for homes is second to none. He has immense knowledge about the loan process, he knows a lot about housing rules and regulations. He has very good contacts when it come to working with loans and lawyers, and he has shown great proficiency in understanding different townships around massachusetts. Paul has taken the time to understand the buyer's needs and was very honest on what he felt based on those reqirements. My wife and I are extremely picky folks, and Paul understood that, and told us honestly that a prospective home would not work. There have been a few times when I wanted to see the home and I have agreed with his opinion each time.

I have a few friends that I have recommended him to and I know some of my friends are using his services, and they too have really good things to say about him. You won't go wrong with his services.


A. B., Westborough, MA


My husband and I would highly recommend Paul. His service, knowledge, and in-depth commitment to our purchase made all the difference. I do not believe we would be in the house we are today without Paul. We would not have knocked approximately $100K off the initial asking price without Paul. He is highly connected within the industry, which means that he knows a lot about the opposing realtor, their style, their history etc. before the numbers negotiation and the nitty-gritty begins. The contrast between Paul, our buyer's agent and our original seller's realtor was stark. She could barely remember the garage code. He can "read" a home like no one I've ever met. As an attorney myself, I can tell you that his quality and level of research is that of a scientist or crime scene investigator. You will know everything about your home before you buy it - from sewer, to construction, to easements, to ordinances. Our current house is our 3rd, so we've had experience with other realtors- both buying and selling, and Paul is a level above all of them. He is a gentleman and a professional, and you can feel confident in his representation and reflection upon you. You will see more homes with Paul than any other realtor. He will stick with you through the process, and truly be your advocate. This is a decision you will not regret.
C.F., Hopkinton, MA
Paul Cottone
The Cottone Co., Real Estate


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